What Homeschool Parents are Saying


Here’s what group members are saying about being a part of SDA Homeschool Families.

  • We are so blessed to have found this group! You have been like an extended family to us. Its nice knowing you can go to people who have the same beliefs as you, get advice and give advice without judgement. God has truly blessed this group and we love you all! Crystal
  • For the first time in our homeschooling adventure, I feel genuinely a part of Adventist education. Sheila
  • Homeschooling gives us, as a family, an opportunity to build relationships and values in our children that will last them into eternity. In the process we are also learning basic life skills / knowledge that is needed for life here on earth. It gives us the opportunity to make choices regarding what our children are exposed to and what they are not. And it allows us to live a somewhat less stressful lifestyle. Sharon
  •  I believe that homeschooling is giving my children the very best education in every area; academics, social skills, morals, spiritual, physical, practical, and mental. That’s why we homeschool. Inneka
  • Reading what everyone is using and doing has given me ideas and encouragement to know that we are doing what is best for our kids. Pam
  • This group has helped me build confidence in myself as the teacher of my children. I’ve also taken a peek into the home of some of you and it gives me a sense of normalcy when I look back into my home. Thank you all. Evelyn
  • Although the posts in the Facebook group run the gannet from cries for help to enthusiastic-over-my-head-but-they-sure-do-look-fun projects to philosophical or theological conversations, the overall tone of this group is positive. The members seem to have a higher purpose in mind than simply providing our kids with a great education. That common purpose guided by God is a uniting factor even when there are opposing views represented. Wendy
  • The group has already been such a blessing to me as I began this school year, and I must say, this year is going so much better than in the past, thanks to implementing some of the suggestions given! Thank you for the informative and helpful ideas! Lynn
  • As with most decisions there are many factors that have gone into our decision to homeschool. By far the biggest impetus has been that my oldest son has sensory integration issues and I’m not comfortable sending him to a large classroom setting. I don’t know what the future holds but for now we’re homeschooling. Kim
  • We want our boys to learn more creative and analytical ways and most importantly learning about God and Christ and family time. Grace
  • I found this group many, many years ago. It helped me because at the time, we were early homeschoolers. Our church had a negative attitude towards homeschoolers. But not all churches have been that way. My current church is very supportive of homeschoolers. I would say at least half of our kids are homeschooled, even the pastor’s kids. Maryruth
  • This group has blessed me and my family because it gives me great peace to know I have a support group. It’s great to have others who understand the difficulties I feel in our homeschool. Kimberly
  • I’m very grateful to be a part of this group of Adventist homeschooling families. I have used this group as a sounding board, a place to ask questions and receive support, and for personal entertainment. I like reading everyone else’s questions, too, because I learn so much!  Melinda
  • This group has given me strength and courage to continue our journey in our Christian walk of bringing up our children and homeschooling. Lynn
  • I want you to know that you were led to do the resource page of curriculum. One night I was overwhelmed and pleading to God for help. When I awoke you had posted in the Facebook group that you were putting something together about choosing curriculum and I’ve been blessed. Be encouraged with the task; God loves you and is leading you just be submissive. Thanks a million. Tinia
  • Through homeschooling, I hope to give my children more than just basics. My goal is to help them pursue interests in other areas and to take advantage of opportunities for the individualized instruction that homeschooling allows. Barbara
  • Through homeschooling my goal is to bless my children with values, morals, and wisdom as they mature in their relationship with Christ. Michelle