There is Sunshine in My Soul Today

I have parked myself in front of the wood stove and might not leave until spring! Yes, I’m an Iowa girl and should be able to handle the New England winter weather, but I’m protesting. It is just too cold and I long for summer days, bathing in the sunshine. There’s nothing quite like a sunny day to lift your spirits, but when that sun is reflecting off a foot or so of snow, well….maybe a different story!

Today’s blog brings us to the S in our NEWSTART acronym. Yes, that S stands for sunshine, so important to our lives and health.
When my son was just a baby and got a little cranky, a sure solution was to just step out the door. His mood would change instantly. Sunshine just brightens the day!

As homeschoolers, we are so lucky that we can brighten almost everyday because we have the freedom to spend time outdoors anytime we want.

So how will you brighten the corner where your child is at? Here are some ideas for a sunshiny day.

  • Make sure your child’s desk or work area is by a window, this way they can use the natural light.
  • Go for a walk in the morning or anytime it fits into your schedule.
  • Take your school day outside.
  • Do a unit study on the sun.
  • Make a solar oven and cook a meal in it.
  • Have a picnic outside.
  • Run and play in the sun with your precious children.
  • And most of all, remember the Son who gives us all good things!
I am married to Freddie, my knight in (not always so) shiny armor, and have a wonderful son, Bruno, the light of my life! We love homeschooling and spending lots of time together. I also like to read, sew, do jigsaw puzzles, and hike. I was born and raised in Iowa, the last of five girls, but moved to Boston and have grown fond of the ocean. I teach the Junior Class at church and lead Pathfinders. I enjoy writing for the blog.

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