Summer At Home – Activity Ideas


Summer time can be so busy with picnics and camping, gardening and food preservation. It is easy to breath a sigh of relief that the school year is over, put the books away and get on to other things. But summer time can be one of the best times for learning, because children want something interesting to do, and are glad to do things that don’t feel like school, but really involve learning.  Here are several ideas that might enhance summer learning at your house.

Have a theme for each day of the week.
Make Something Monday – Craft day
Try Something Tuesday – Try an activity or a science experiment and see what happens
Wander Somewhere Wednesday – Go out exploring and see or do something new
Thoughtful Thursday – Do something for someone else
Fabulous and Fun Friday – Think of the most fun thing you could do, something active

Or maybe you would like to make a list of activities you think would work for the summer. Write them on paper, cut them apart and put them in a jar. Choose a child to pull a paper out of the jar. Whatever is written on the paper is the activity of the day.

Another idea is to get out a calender, and a list of fun things to do, and have your children decide with you what will happen each day. Write it on the calender, and then look forward, and plan for fun times ahead.

Be sure to include some time in your summer schedule for inside activities, and outside activities, time with read books and time to run around. It is always good to have a little time to work in the week, helping with chores, working in the garden, doing things for other people or your church. And make sure there is some time to learn more about nature, and the God of creation. Do all these things, your children will love summer, learning and growing, even without homeschool curriculum in their hands.

I have collected links to quite a few interesting summer activities. What if you planned to do one at least once a week, or maybe even every day? If you know of other interesting summer learning activities, be sure to tell us about them in the comments, and add a link, if you would like.




Painting and Drawing

How to make watercolor paints from flower petals

Footprint sailboat with poster paints

Fork dandelions and fingerprint fandelions

Bubble paint flowers

Watercolor painting ideas

Use sticks as your canvas

Magic sidewalk squirt painting

Wood spoon stakes – maybe a gift for someone


A pipecleaner Chameleon

Great craft ideas

Nature objects from Maple tree seeds

DIY Glitter Rainboots. (What other kind of shoe would your child like to glitter?)

Avocado Cradle


100 Engineering Projects for Kids

Dandelion crown (or maybe daisies too)

Summer Science Ideas

Rainbow bubble snakes

Kool-aid play dough – homemade

Frozen Boats – for the lake or the bathtub

Botany activities for kids

Active Fun

Glow in the dark ring toss

Giant Backyard Scrabble

When you go to the water make some stone feet to show you were there

Build an outdoor race car track

Make bubbles that bounce

Pool noodle sprinkler

Sponge ball toss

Water activities for kids

Make some homemade stilts

Make a tent, for playing, reading, dreaming, sleeping

Fun in the Kitchen

Fresh Fruit Pops

Healthy Summer Fruit Snacks

Grow Green Onions in your Windowsill

Make your own solar oven

Banana snacks

Playing with food

Breakfast ideas

Creative food plates

Butterfly Ziplock snacks and other ideas

Octopus Hotdogs

Apple Sandwiches and other fun food to make with your kids


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