San Jose, CA #5

On our last Sunday here, there was a relay swim meet.  The girls’ mommy was a swim official, their daddy and Elyana were cheerers, and Calyn swum 4 relays, and three different strokes: freestyle, breast stroke, and butterflyOn Tuesday, we had the chance to visit the Intel Museum.

Trying to spell our names the binary way (ASCCII). (Each letter has a code of 1s and 0s)

From the Intel Museum, we went to their local library.  The girls had already been here yesterday, and they borrowed a lot of books.  But Calyn left a book by accident at the check-out area and she wanted to get it, so we went back. This time we were able to take some pictures.

We enjoyed our adventures here.  But the time has come for us to travel and visit another family.

Thanks for reading about our adventures here in San Jose, California.

Until our next adventure!

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