Organizing Our Days: Breaking the Summer Mold

I was super excited to know we would be homeschooling all three this year, and yet I knew to get it all done I would need to be more regimented about my days. We only have so much time in the day!

As I was doing my research, I read that we always have enough time to do what God is asking of us. Isn’t that encouraging!? Our job is to plan our time wisely and evaluate what God is asking of us. It’s simple, but harder than we think when we want to be involved in so much to give our children the “well-rounded education” we think they want and need. God is calling us to simplicity; I am so thankful for that!

So, that’s what I have spent the last month doing. — working through several worksheets for myself and each child as to what God is asking of us, and then how much time that will require. What a process! But, it was eye opening and equipped me to not put too much on the schedule, which I think I do most years in the beginning of our new homeschool season.

We homeschool year-round in a way, because I try to keep up with math and reading during summer months, as well as Bible and character. Then we start our other subjects with more vigor after a summer’s break. We also only school four days a week, and Friday is a day we use to prepare more for Sabbath, and Sunday to prepare for the new week ahead.

I’ve organized my mornings to be always the same for better success for myself and my children. The biggest key to my success is to rise early and have my devotional time, exercise on my own, and get dressed by the time my littles start to come down. They also have their personal worship when they awake, and usually get dressed before coming down, but we’re still working on this for my four-year-old whose goal is to get dressed on her own for one of her desired accomplishments this school year!

Guess what?! She’s already done it this very first week! Granted her shirt was on backwards and outfit didn’t match exactly, but I teared up knowing my last baby is becoming so independent.

Thankfully every home is unique and we don’t all fit into the same box, but I really benefited from looking at others schedules and the time required in their homes. I plan to share with you snipits of our days over the school year, and hope you’ll share your workload too so we might all be encouraged and benefited for the sake of a more organized homeschool!

Here’s a glimpse at how I organize our mornings. There’s a color for each child in the family, and my own as well to see where we all line up.

I read this verse as I researched more on perseverance this week, and thought it was a great reminder to come back to throughout the year:

“We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end so that what you hoped for, may be fully realized,” Hebrews 6:11.

What do you hope for with your homeschool this year? What do you hope your children learn? What do you hope to learn beside them? What is God asking of each of us and our families this school year?

Starting up again sometimes takes more perseverance than finishing strong because it requires breaking the mold of summer days to more structure in most cases. I am happy about what structure in the home promises to us as parents and to our children as well. So, I am eager to patiently endure and encourage my children as we learn our new schedule and have a time for everything “under the sun” which God has asked us to do.

Praying your homeschool year is blessed from beginning to end as you patiently carry out this amazing job God has anointed YOU for!


Allison Rodriguez
I love to plan and organize! My challenge with small children living in the home is finding joy in the occasional disorder that comes with little people helping and learning to be a part of the team. I love my team members, and I am learning to love the character development we all are experiencing as we grow up in Jesus together!

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