Three Steps to Organize Your Homeschool

Hanging File Folders

Organization is of utmost importance when homeschooling. In fact, getting organized for the school year will help both the child and the parent stay on task better. If you find yourself or your child getting frustrated, it may be because you need to organize a little better. As a mom, caregiver, wife, and entrepreneur, I have to stay ahead in order to make sure that schooling is prioritized in our home. Here are three tips that help me and my family stay on track the most.

Weekly Folders

Before the school year started I planned out the first semester. Early on, I realized that I didn’t want my business to affect information and lessons my children were taught. I also knew that I would have a lot on my plate that could change at any moment. Therefore, I went through my lesson plans and printed everything that I could, related to the subjects I planned to teach during the entire semester. I separated each folder by week. For instance our first semester is weeks 1-18. The hanging file folder system gives my kids an opportunity to go to their folder and then choose which assignments they will complete first.

Weekly folders for homeschool organization

Daily Folders

After my daughter’s choose their assignments, they put them in daily folders. The daily folders help provide more autonomy. Monday through Thursday they can choose their morning work, and then on Thursday I look at what has or has not been completed yet.

The beauty of this method is that my kids feel like they have a choice regarding what they study. It also helps prevent them from having to wait for me to explain everything daily. In the mornings after we have devotion, they can get started on their folder work on their own. Then, after an hour or so, I teach a new lesson or help explain information that they need help with. In addition, the folder work is a great addition for our portfolio and helps reinforce different lessons.

An Area for Completed Work

Having a completed work area is hugely important in my home, mainly because our state requires us to keep a school portfolio for our children/students. The completed work area helps my kids know exactly where to put their work so I can grade it in a timely manner. It also helps them be more responsible with their own papers, and keeps papers from getting lost around the house.

After four years of homeschooling, this is the system that has worked best for me and my two daughters. 1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” When you’re homeschooling life can be overwhelming at times, so finding a way to stay organized can help keep the entire family in a better mood. While all three may not work for your family, the cool thing about homeschooling is that you have the freedom to tweak and use the tips that work for you, and ignore those that don’t.

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  1. Hi Elle, thank you for your tips! I’m looking forward to more organization in my Home schooling in the up and coming year 2018!


  2. Thank you, Elle for this! I’m going to use this method and try it with my son. He’s autistic and I want to try this to see if he may find it helpful to him.


  3. I love organizational posts! I too have found planning out the weeks ahead of time really helps simplify things as well as letting the children have some choice in the matter or order of their work. I have been struggling with our work once its done… what to do with it, how to keep track of it and I love the inbox for completed work idea!
    AT present I have packed up all our school stuff because we move in T minus 2 weeks! Excited to get organized with some new ideas when we are settling into a new space.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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