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In my quest to become organized and stay on top of our homeschooling, I have tried many planners throughout the years! From homemade to store bought planners. I’ve even tried software and EBook planners, but nothing seemed to stick. Finally, after going through my second store bought, pre-filled in, fancy homeschool planner, and discovering only small portions were used; I decided I needed a flexible change! I know myself and my kids. We don’t always stick to what I have scheduled. We also have sick days or weeks, break weeks, holidays, vacations and tons of other things that come up. Then we just have weeks where mama doesn’t want to do anything…I know you’ve been there too. So after researching different options and websites online I decided on keeping my planner in a 3 ring binder that I can reuse every year. I have attendance forms, school calendar, and curriculum overviews. Each month is separated out with its own calendar and then I take each week and fill in our lessons on my lesson planning spreadsheet and then print it out.

Below I have included a video walk thru of my current homeschool planner along with links to where I got all of the planning forms…for Free!!! Who doesn’t love free! I hope you enjoy it!

Planning Forms

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool –

Scattered Squirrel –

Half A Hundred Acre Wood –

  • Weekly Lesson Plans (I used one of their 36wk planners and edited it to suit my needs)

Artist Study:

Composer Study:

Hymn Study:

Nature Study:


Tamara Corpin
I'm a homeschooling mom of four wonderful kids, and wife to one amazing husband! I love the Lord and am passionate about teaching my children of His love and grace! I recently graduated with my degree in early childhood education, and love learning with my children outside of the box!


  1. Excellent post and so very helpful with all the links included! Thank you for putting the time into sharing all of this with us!


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