A New Journey

The idea of homeschooling never crossed my mind as a positive engagement for me, the parent. Besides, our firstborn has special needs, and we relied heavily on the public school system’s early intervention program to engage his development. Once our son was born, I gave up my career in higher education to raise him. Soon three siblings followed, and even though I adore my children, sending them to school was a welcomed relief.

Our middle girls, now ages 10 and eight, began to exhibit some undesirable behaviors, and we slowly noticed a change in the way that they spoke to each other as time progressed. Teachers gave them insane amounts of candy, and they constantly engaged in name-calling and were disrespectful to each other. My 10-year-old is also an introvert, and struggled to make friends as the only brown child in her classroom. We wanted to enroll them in our church school, but my role as a stay-at-home parent limited our financial capacity to do so.

At the beginning of 2016, we began to pray for direction, and for many months I applied for full-time jobs so that I could afford to send my two girls to our church school. After I turned down my fourth job offer, I realized that full-time employment meant that for the first time in their lives, my children would have to be raised by hired help. They also begged me to continue to say at home. Still blinded in self-doubt, we continued to pray for direction, and then one day I reached out to another parent at church, and asked her how she could afford to send her daughter to our church school. That’s when she told me that she was homeschooling her daughter.

The next day I met with her, and we discussed her experiences, the pros and cons, and all of my fears of homeschooling my two daughters. I was inspired by their sacrifices, confidence, and most importantly, resolve to invest in their child so that she would have a Christian-based learning experience. From that moment on, my husband and I spent hours talking with our daughters, who, surprisingly, were excited about the opportunity to learn at home. And so, our journey begins. We are stepping out in faith, relying heavily of God’s grace and guidance as we do this together. We want my children to experience a faith-based academic journey, and I am willing to do whatever it takes so that we can take this journey together. Please pray for us.

*Yolanda is a guest blogger and a member of the SDA Homeschool Families Facebook group.