Where do I start?


The minute I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to homeschool. I attended my first homeschool convention when I was 5 months pregnant with my first daughter and have been hooked ever since. My fascination with alternative education began with my own experience with the standard educational system and the transition by exceptional educators into a different universe in education. The difference that a passionate and resourceful educator can make in a child’s overall educational experience is immeasurable. No one loves and cares about the outcome of my child’s life more than me. I do not believe everyone must homeschool, I believe a family should do what is best for their children. Every step of our homeschooling experience has been led by some fear, a dash of anxiety, and a lot of prayer. Every parent wants their child to succeed.

I was a special needs child based on the criteria shared by my fellow blogger when describing children on the other side of the educational spectrum. Reading was my coping mechanism and I grew to love the written word and cherish literature and the language arts.

Teaching language arts to my children was so exciting to me that sometimes I lost sight of the fact that my children did not have the same relationship with reading or writing that I had experienced. It is important to clearly establish short-term and long-term goals when teaching any subject. When it comes to language arts and literature, I wanted my children to have a strong grasp of grammar, syntax, reading, and writing. I wanted them to be well-versed in writing essays, short stories, poems, research papers, and resumes, to mention a few. I want my children to read all types of genres and understand what they were reading and to expose them to the world of the language and the fine arts. The connection between literature, music, and painting, sculpting, and other right brain joys that make life so bright and shiny.

I firmly believe that by beholding we become changed. I do not believe in exposing my children to just any type of books, programs, or activities.