How to Know What Curriculum Works Best for Your Child


Curriculum: It’s a word most homeschoolers love to hear, at least from what I have seen. Some homeschoolers, however, cringe at the thought, and that totally includes this homeschooling mom. There are so many options that it is easy to be overwhelmed. Tears can flow and discouragement can set in. Many have been there and many more are sure to follow. So, how in the world are you suppose to know what curriculum is right for your child?

The first thing is to step back take a deep breath and realize you’ve got this. Even the most seasoned homeschoolers went through the same thing, and some still do. Next, think about your child and how he/she learns. Is it through hands-on activities? By seeing something done? By reading? This will help you go a long way when choosing a curriculum. Once that is done, narrowing down the search becomes a bit easier. Think about your teaching style. How do you like to get information across to your child? Are you similar or different in the way you approach things? Now, turn your thinking to whether you want a full boxed curriculum, something online, or to piece it together.

Still seems like a lot to do, right? It really isn’t, because you have now narrowed the search down by more than you think. For example, let’s say your child learns better by reading books. You don’t want to use textbooks; you want rich literature, and you want to be sure the Bible is included. You would narrow your search even further by looking up “living books”curriculum. A living books curriculum is where the student does mostly reading. They will read authors such as Shakespeare and Plutarch.The student will learn history by immersing in books such as The Story of the World by Susan Bauer. These authors and books are believed to develop a better learning experience and understanding than textbooks. From there, decide if you want to be completely online or if you want actual books. Think about your price point and go from there.

Follow these easy steps for any learning and teaching style, and you should find exactly what you want based on your and your child’s preferences. This method of deciding on a curriculum is the best I have seen, and it is the most recommended way suggested when a homeschooling parent asks other parents how they chose.

Are you wondering if you will be able to choose from the curricula you found in your narrowed-down search parameters? Don’t worry too much. My next blog post will cover the best Christian curricula based on most-recommend by homeschoolers and price point.