Addie and Vinnie: School Days in NE Washington

For our last couple of days in Washington, we got to see what a weekday looked like for Caleb and Savannah. For school, Caleb is doing his “3 Rs” and Savannah has several fun preschool books she works on when Caleb is doing his school. One of the days, Caleb read a book to everyone. It was about a puppy who lost his tooth. Everyone wondered if we had any teeth to loose! 

Something exciting happened on Monday: Caleb finished his Telling Time book and Addie and Vinnie were there cheering him on! To celebrate, his mommy gave everyone a special prize.

Caleb and Savannah have been doing a unit study on the body from the Even-Moor book “Learning About My Body” and other Scholastic books. Today we watched them cut out arm bones and tape them to the outside of their arms to get an idea of what their bones look like inside. They decided that Addie and Vinnie don’t have any bones!

On Wednesday, Vinnie joined Caleb for his piano lesson down at Grammie’s house. Vinnie wished that he had the kind of fingers that could play the piano. We enjoyed listening to Caleb and Savannah practice the piano everyday.


Next week we will be with another family. We’ve enjoyed our time in Washington. We look forward to making new friends in Tennessee!


Addie and Vinnie: A Weekend in Northeast WA

On Sabbath Addie went to Sabbath school with Savannah and Faith. Vinnie was at home still playing an extended game of hide and seek. 😉 In their class, the girls are learning about God’s Five Special Gifts: the five senses. They learned about the blessing of the sense of hearing and being able to hear talking and singing, the sounds of birds and even the wind the trees. Addie is thankful for her ears, too!

After a fun AY program in the afternoon, we had supper and game night! Addie joined in a crazy game of ping pong with Savannah and her friends. We were all happy to sleep that night!

On Sunday, Caleb finally found Vinnie hiding in his jacket pocket where he had put him. Caleb was thrilled. Then we worked with Caleb and Savannah while they helped their mommy and daddy do their chores. Vinnie went outside with Caleb while they took down the trampoline. They are surprised they’ve been able to keep it up this long! By now there is usually too much snow to try to keep off of the trampoline so it doesn’t break. It has been above freezing, so it was a good day to put it away! Savannah and Addie helped mommy make lunch. Yum!


Addie and Vinnie: Northeast WA Adventures

First Impressions

We’re here! And to welcome us to Washington, we were greeted with the first snow of 2014!

Our hosts are so excited about our visit that we have hardly left their hands. A few times we decided to play hide and seek without telling them. It was hilarious to hear them frantically searching the house trying to find us. One time we were hiding just in front of the microwave where Caleb had left us. Another time, Addie decided it would be sneaky to hide in between the keys of the piano, exactly where Savannah put her. The kids cheered when they finally found us. I think we’ll be playing more hide and seek over the next week. 😉

Caleb gave Vinnie his first parachute ride. With a rubber band and string he was attached to several Wal-Mart bags then tossed into the air. He didn’t get much air time, but it was fun trying!

For supper our hosts’ mommy decided we needed some snow ice cream! It’s great stuff! But don’t tell Addie. I think she was taking a nap somewhere and missed out! Caleb and Savannah piled their bowls high with freshly fallen snow. Caleb made sure that littlest sister Faith got a bowlful too. Then their mommy sprinkled some kind of non-dairy milk powder on top. Last she poured orange/tangerine juice on it. Then the kids stirred it up. Caleb gave me a bite. It tasted like an orange creamsicle pop! Yummy!

We have a feeling that we’re in for a great time!