Auditory Learning

I love to teach. Maybe I should say, I love to talk. I love to give instruction and see my children follow it and benefit from it. And, now that I think about it, I am sure Christ felt and feels the same way. When he began His brief public ministry, He taught many, and as a result, lives were changed. The interesting thing about how Jesus taught is that He used stories to appeal to the hearts of the people. Stories have an incredible way of digging into the souls of its listeners.

My children love to listen to stories. As a matter of fact, a large portion of our learning is done through audio dramas. I have discovered many excellent resources in auditory form. Here are just a few that we love:

Adventist History
Pathways to the Pioneers
Dramatized history of the Advent movement. Available free on
You can also purchase the 22-volume set.

American History
Living Principles of America
Powerful dramatizations about America’s greatest heroes, their patriotism and belief in God.  Brings to life George Washington, Daniel Boone, Susan B. Anthony, Booker T. Washington, and many others.

Your Story Hour
Dramatized history series

YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Heroes of History Audiobook
Excellent stories of missionaries and notable Christian figures.

Jonathon Park
Dramatized adventures of the Park and Brenan families captivate listeners of all ages while teaching the truth of biblical, six-day creation. Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries.

Your Story Hour
Dramatized stories of the book of Acts and the Life of Christ along with almost every story told in Scripture.

Bible in Living Sound
Dramatized audio Bible stories.

Character Building 
The King’s Daughter and other stories for girls audiobook by J.E. White
Beautifully read stories for girls which focus on character traits.
Available free on
You may also purchase the 4-cd set.

Your Story Hour
Dramatized stories teaching character-building traits.

Lamplighter Theatre
The greatest stories we’ve discovered over the past four years. Dramatized stories with strong Biblical lessons. A must listen!
Audios available on Lamplighter site, Amazon and Ebay.

Eric B. Hare
Great engaging stories told by Burma missionary Eric B. Hare, always containing valuable lessons.
Available at and Amazon.

Pilgrim’s Progress
Dramatized allegory written by John Bunyan.

Dramatized sequel to Pilgrim’s Progress.
Both available at

Brinkman Adventures
Exciting radio show that tells true, modern, missionary stories through the fictional Brinkman family.

**Your Story Hour can be heard for free at:
There are a few months available of archives on the site. Each Sunday a new story is uploaded. They are also available on youtube.

Your local library also may have some of these or may be able to order them from a borrowing library. If they cannot be found in your library’s district consortium of libraries, you can ask your reference person to look them up on

I hope this list is helpful. Please share others that you have used for your homeschool.

Advantages of Audio Adventures (from the Jonathon Park site):

“Audio adventures are a more powerful and effective alternative to video for pure entertainment because listeners continually create stories in their limitless imaginations.

“Audio adventures are a more robust way to bolster your children’s education because science shows that they activate the critical thinking side of the brain.

“Audio adventures spark creativity in your children’s minds, unlike video which puts the brain on ‘cruise control.’

“Audio adventures are inspirational because your children can create their own custom movies in their minds.

“Audio adventures offer more lasting value than video. Since they’re not limited by someone else’s imagination, your kids will want to listen to them over and over — each time offers something fresh and new!

“Audio adventures are so convenient: your family can listen to them in the car, while doing chores, enjoying fun activities, or when your kids are settling down for the night (a great alternative to TV).”

~Happy Listening