Addie and Vinnie: We Celebrated Thanksgiving & Decorated for Christmas!

{Addie and Vinnie}

Dear Diary,

We have been busy during our last week here in Illinois.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and  we helped decorate Braden & Evie’s Christmas tree. We also listened to Christmas music and helped make chocolate peppermint cookies.



Here we all are in front of the newly decorated tree. They had a friend give them the tree and then we all spent time matching the lights since a few tiers were out. $14 later it was done! Not a bad price for a 7 foot tree!

Here’s one last picture of the tree:



We also went to Sabbath school and church. We learned how it’s best to follow Jesus and not try to be like other people or follow them. Braden raised his hand and spoke up during the praise reports. I think his mommy was proud of him. She also looked slightly worried when he said he was going to speak up in church EVERY week! We are very happy that he loves Jesus and talking about that in church!

After church we finished up our time with Braden and Evie by making ornaments for our next family we will be visiting!

-Addie and Vinnie