Beaverton, Oregon #2

Today, Addie and Vinnie met Matthew and Sylas’s friends from church and our neighborhood; 3 kids who I babysat this summer. Samantha and Timothy are both 6 years old like Matthew, and Trey is almost 5. We all go to the same church except for Trey. Trey met a lot of new friend’s during Vacation Bible School last June, 2014. When my Mother-in-Law and I we’re visiting Trey’s Mom. We mentioned about church and the upcoming VBS. She was very delighted and registered Trey for it. He doesn’t know much about Jesus but He learned a lot from VBS. He loved joining and helping the Praise team even though he didn’t know the songs.He learned how to pray to Jesus. Matthew and His friends are happy sharing about Jesus to Trey and others that they meet.

It’s another hot day today so I loaded everybody up and headed to 53rd Avenue Park. This is a huge community park with lots of amenities. There is an amphitheater, very wide water park area, sand box and play area. Addie and Vinnie stayed with me in the shade while watching the kids play because they forgot to bring their swimsuits:-) They said that they have other Family to visit soon and they might not appreciate if they arrived wet and soggy:-)

Matthew loves to do science experiments, so in the afternoon they created the Volcano in a bottle.

It was a fun filled day! Something exciting is coming up and Addie and Vinnie can’t wait. See you at the next post!













Finally arrived in Beaverton, Oregon!

We arrived to beautiful sunny weather in Beaverton, Oregon. The 10 day forecast says it’s going to be in the higher 80’s -90’s so we are going to be enjoying the sunny summer of Oregon! The Hamel Family happily welcomed us. The Boys Matthew (6) and Sylas (2.5) aren’t quite sure what to do with us:-D  Can you tell?


Our adventure is about to begin.We  will keep you posted!

Addie & Vinnie



San Jose, CA #5

On our last Sunday here, there was a relay swim meet.  The girls’ mommy was a swim official, their daddy and Elyana were cheerers, and Calyn swum 4 relays, and three different strokes: freestyle, breast stroke, and butterflyOn Tuesday, we had the chance to visit the Intel Museum.

Trying to spell our names the binary way (ASCCII). (Each letter has a code of 1s and 0s)

From the Intel Museum, we went to their local library.  The girls had already been here yesterday, and they borrowed a lot of books.  But Calyn left a book by accident at the check-out area and she wanted to get it, so we went back. This time we were able to take some pictures.

We enjoyed our adventures here.  But the time has come for us to travel and visit another family.

Thanks for reading about our adventures here in San Jose, California.

Until our next adventure!

Addie & Vinnie







San Jose, CA #4

The week that we got here was graduation week for a lot of schools in the area.  Aside from the girl’s usual swim lessons/swim team practice and school activities, the family attended a graduation at the Foothill SDA Elementary School at Milpitas.

Kids graduating from 8th grade.

They also brought us to…

We saw some wild friends at the History Park.

On Sabbath, the girls helped lead out in Sabbath School song service at the main church before they headed to their classes.  We met Elyana’s class, but we can’t post pictures because of privacy reasons.  In the afternoon we went to an Adventurer class, then afterwards…

…they also brought us to the Montgomery Hill Park.  (The hill is around a 2 mile walk from their home)

It has been a blessed, fun, and tiring day.

Until our next adventure…

Addie & Vinnie









San Jose, CA

Their daddy got home early today, so Elyana had a choice—go to swim team practice with Calyn, or stay at home with her dad. She decided to stay at home, and we stayed with her. After taking a nap, she got her “parents’ bed” ready in their room.

When Calyn got back from swim team practice, they had dinner and did their usual chores. Among their responsibilities is taking care of Redfurr.

The girls’ parents are allergic to Fel-D1 from cats.  Their mom is also allergic to dogs. Because of this, and Elyana’s allergies as well, their choice of pets was limited. They had a pet beta fish, but Calyn wanted to have a pet she could touch and pet.  When Calyn was 8 years old, she started searching for a pet that she could have. First she discovered the Allerca cat. But because of the prohibitive price, that was out of the question.  Then, she read about the Siberian, and that some of the cats of this breed were “hypoallergenic.”  The family visited two Bay area Siberian breeders, but their parents reacted, and had allergy symptoms.  They got in touch with other out of state breeders.  To test for allergic reactions, the breeder would send a fur sample which the family had to sniff, rub on their wrist, etc. Their mother reacted with hives to one fur sample, and congestion and headache to another.  When Redfurr’s fur sample came, they went through the same tests, and no one reacted nor had allergy symptoms.  So Redfurr was Calyn’s surprise present on her 9th birthday.

The night has come. We are ready to rest.