Snow Treasures

Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seem the treasures of the hail?  Job 38:22

[ All thoughts are from the book, “The Gospel According to a Snowflake” by Terry & Jean McComb.  Illustrated by Vera McComb. I highly recommend all of their books. To get it, try]

Snow begins its journey not as a crystal, but as vapor rising out of the ocean, to become part of the water cycle. God wants us to be part of the cycle of love.  What we receive from Him, we are to share with others. (page 6)

Snow crystals grow by absorbing the vapor around them and crystallizes that vapor into a work of beauty. A beautiful snow crystal lasts only as long as it takes to fall to the earth. It loses its form after landing, and never reforms it. Time can never be found once it is past.  We should make good use of our time while we have it.  (page 10)

In our atmosphere there is about a ten day supply of fresh water.  The atmosphere also has dust, ash, soot, sand, salt, pollen, bacteria and star dust. Plus the air is getting dirty from pollution.  The snow crystal starts with a nucleus of dust, from a farmer’s field or a volcano, exhaust gas, or even a broken part of another snowflake, if they’re the right temperature and there is an excess of water vapor, a crystal will be formed.  If God can take a piece of dust and make it into a thing of beauty, what can He do with our lives? (page 14)

Nobody has ever been able to figure out why snow has six sides. It is still a mystery to scientists. Each flake is different, just as we are each different. Snow shows that there is a Designer. (page 16, 18)

Each snowflake is small, but together they add up and can stop a city or cause an avalanche.  We might have little things in our lives that we don’t think of as very important, but they add up and make us who we are. (page 22)

Snow is not white. It is transparent. The angle of the crystal reflects light and that makes it appear white.  It is dependent on something outside of itself for its color. We may feel dirty in our inner selves that gives us a craving for something better.  God can and will satisfy this longing. David understood this when he pleaded with God to “Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” Ps.51:7 (page 26)

Snow in the mountains tells how much water there’ll be during the summer.  Snow feeds mountain springs and streams.  It is much better to drink from a pure (not polluted) mountain spring then from a polluted river or sewer.  Books (or tv or movies etc) are often like the polluted water.  We should fill our minds with the pure Word of God so that as we ‘flow’ through life we can share the pure ‘Water of life’. (page 24)

God sends snow for one of these three reasons: 1) correction 2) His land 3) mercy. thinking about these, for correction, storms may force you to stay home with your family and with the power out you can have real time together: for land, to water the land for growth in the spring and summer: for mercy, the snows falls before temperatures fall to protect hibernating animals and the land from deep freezes.  Often trials in our lives prove to be the biggest blessings in our lives. (page 42)