Welcome to SDA Homeschool Families


SDA Homeschool Families is a group of dedicated Adventist homeschoolers who interact together in order to support one another on the homeschool journey. We work together to encourage one another through words of affirmation and advice; the dissemination of helpful parenting techniques that foster character development, and the sharing of instructional techniques and curriculum selection. It is a place where Seventh-day Adventist parents work together to raise children who reflect God’s character.

We offer a network of resources for Adventist homeschool parents and children. Here Adventist home educators explore curricula, share in the daily challenges and joys of homeschooling, and connect with like-minded people. Hundreds of cooperative Seventh-day Adventist homeschool families from countries around the world work together with a common task of homeschooling Adventist children. Mothers and fathers from the United States, Australia, France, Canada, Mexico, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, and many other countries all come together via the Internet to achieve this goal.

Adventist homeschoolers find themselves in a niche group, sometimes feeling separate from other Christian homeschool support groups and from the parents of children who attend parochial schools. Our online forum gives Adventist homeschool parents a place to share ideas and concerns unique to them as home educators. One parent in the group says that connecting with SDA Homeschool Families has been the first where she has been able to discuss and find support for homeschooling from non-familial Seventh-day Adventist sources. She finds that it has been refreshing to find that her homeschool family is far less alone than they’d thought. Her thoughts have been reflected over and over again by other Adventist home educators as well.

This website was born of a desire to pay forward the blessings bestowed by God and it was created for His glory.

Links in the network of SDA Homeschool Families resources are:

  • SDA Homeschool Families group on Facebook. This site is where we chat daily about the nitty-gritty of homeschooling each day. Group members ask questions, share concerns, and support one another every day.
  • We also have a Facebook page where group administrators post helpful resources related to homeschooling and parenting. It can be found at  this SDA Homeschool Families link.
  • SDA Homeschool Families blog is a resource shares helpful articles about homeschooling and parenting that are written by members of our group. If you would like to contribute to our blog, your contributions are welcome. Please see our writer guidelines section.
  • Our SDA Homeschool Families resource page contains a growing collection of links to curriculum, resources, and apps that have been submitted by members of the group.If you would like to suggest curriculum, resources, or apps that we haven’t listed please leave a comment in the appropriate section or email sdahomeschools@gmail.com .

Those who connect in SDA Homeschool Families now they are educating their children for now and for eternity. Our common purpose is a uniting factor, and it makes a difference when parents are all facing the same direction — even when their feet are planted in different soil. Each family is unique in mission and goals, but we have unity of purpose and thought.

Please take a moment to access the resources we have available to you and to participate in our chat group and blog.

Many generous writers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences volunteer to contribute to the SDAHOMESCHOOLS.ORG blog. Their opinions and any data provided are for informational and enjoyment purposes only. Blog posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the site editors, nor are the editors responsible for the accuracy of writer contributions.